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2011 GP2 TWPC Predictions - FINAL RESULTS

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Posted 19 November 2011 - 00:40

GP2 Series made its Final race at Yas Marina, with the victories of Fabio Leimer and GP3 graduate James Calado in the two races made. With this, we begin the final report of 2011 Two Worlds Prediction Competiton, starting with the result of Yas Marina round:

Results of the Weekend - GP2 Round # 10 Yas Marina (12-13/11/2011)

Poleman = Fabio Leimer

Race 1 (12/11/2011)
Winner = Fabio Leimer
2nd place = Luiz Razia
3rd place = Jolyon Palmer
4th place = Marcus Ericsson
5th place = Kevin Ceccon
6th place = Tom Dillmann
7th place = Antonio Félix da Costa
8th place = James Calado
Fastest lap = Fabio Leimer

Race 2 (13/11/2011)
Winner = James Calado
2nd place = Marcus Ericsson
3rd place = Tom Dillmann
4th place = Jolyon Palmer
5th place = Esteban Gutiérrez
6th place = Kevin Ceccon
Fastest lap = Luiz Razia

Results of the 2011 GP2 Two Worlds Prediction Competition - Round # 10 Yas Marina (13/11/2011)

1 - 11 points = Sedicivalvole (LT)
2 - 9 points = Azur (NA), Bessone Motorsport (LT)
4 - 8 points = Docky (NA), El Pana (LA), facha (LT), frederick (ST), Josef1 (CB), nano de turdera (LT)
10 - 7 points = Carlew (TH), Daisy (TT), DAV (TH), Dispenser89 (AS), F1wingwins (TH), Iscurrega (AS), lotusien (NA), Makarias (AS), renaultargentina (TH), Robbe (TT), Speedworx (TT), SUTIL80 (NA)
22 - 6 points = BT-44 (CB), chunterer (TT), IVAN (LA), Marcos_F1 (CB), masahiro (NA), Melendi (TH), WSR Fan (TT)
29 - 5 points = fisichellaeldos (TH), kamikaze666 (CB), pelagra (TH), p-matt (TT), scheivlak (AS)
34 - 4 points = Greimito (NA), lolo1977 (CB), Mekola (LT)
37 - 3 points = Panda (NA)

Congratulations to Sedicivalvole (LT) for winning the last round of the season. Mention to Josef1 (CB), who with the round winner predicted correctly poleman and Race 1 winner.
- renaultargentina (TH): Forgot poleman.
- lolo1977 (CB): Omitted FL scorer of Race 2.

With all round results cleared, we present...

The FINAL STANDINGS of the 2011 GP2 Two Worlds Prediction Competition (13/11/2011) !!!

1 - 107 points = chunterer (TT)
2 - 106 points = Carlew (TH)
3 - 103 points = p-matt (TT), Speedworx (TT)
5 - 102 points = Dispenser89 (AS), IVAN (LA), Makarias (AS)
8 - 101 points = Daisy (TT)
9 - 100 points = scheivlak (AS)
10 - 99 points = frederick (ST), Melendi (TH)
12 - 98 points = Josef1 (CB), theTardis (AS)
14 - 97 points = Robbe (TT), WSR Fan (TT)
16 - 96 points = Bessone Motorsport (LT), F1wingwins (TH)
18 - 94 points = El Pana (LA), Mekola (LT)
20 - 91 points = adrian1310 (TH), facha (LT)
22 - 90 points = kamikaze666 (CB)
23 - 89 points = Marcos_F1 (CB)
24 - 87 points = Greimito (NA), lolo1977 (CB)
26 - 85 points = Sedicivalvole (LT)
27 - 84 points = jeans (LA), lotusien (NA), nano de turdera (LT)
30 - 79 points = Roberto.R (LT)
31 - 77 points = renaultargentina (TH)
32 - 73 points = pelagra (TH)
33 - 72 points = Azur (NA), BT-44 (CB)
35 - 67 points = SUTIL80 (NA)
36 - 66 points = Big one (NA), Panda (NA)
38 - 64 points = Ignacio.R (LT), Jilhou (NA)
40 - 60 points = 13 (NA)
41 - 51 points = vino_93 (NA)
42 - 47 points = TOLEMAN HART (LA), wilsoriano (LA)
44 - 43 points = sir jackie walker (AS)
45 - 37 points = fisichellaeldos (TH), masahiro (NA)
47 - 35 points = Miki (NA)
48 - 33 points = artur177 (TT), Lam Pak (TT), mario0211 (TH)
51 - 26 points = Docky (NA)
52 - 25 points = Christian 4 ruedas (LT)
53 - 24 points = runshaw (TT)
54 - 22 points = DAV (TH), Iscurrega (AS), Luck (NA)
57 - 19 points = Nikki Katz (MF)
58 - 12 points = brucelok2003 (TT)
59 - 10 points = BeckMax (ST)
60 - 8 points = Sissi (NA)
61 - 7 points = Supertec (TT)

Final Forum Standings after the definition of the Competition (13/11/2011)

1º - Ten-Tenths.com Forum - 441 points
2º - CarAndDriverTheF1.com Forum - 428 points
3º - Los-Tuercas.com.ar Forum - 425 points
4º - Autosport.com Forum - 421 points
5º - Nextgen-Auto.com Forum - 380 points
6º - ClubF1.es Forum - 379 points
7º - F1Latam.com Forum - 349 points
8º - FórmulaStock / Grand Prix Forum - 109 points
9º - MotorsportForums.com Forum - 19 points

After being runner-up the 2010 season, kept his rhythm, took the lead after Monza round and beat his rivals just at the end of the season. Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome chunterer as the new Champion of 2011 GP2 Two Worlds Prediction Competition! The glory is yours!!! :beer:
Merry congrats to Ten-Tenths, who earned another new Forums Championship with great support to the series.

Users can revise the accuracy of their predictions with more detail at this Excel tablesheet:

Defined the final standings, it's turn to show the general stats of the season, a report about the progress of the forums, and the WINNING ATTITUDE ACHIEVEMENTS of our concursants of the Competition of this year.

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Posted 19 November 2011 - 00:44

Ramblings about forum progressions in the 2011 GP2 Two Worlds Prediction Competition:

Ten-Tenths: Ten-Tenths, the core forum of GP2 TWPC, awarded another Forums Championship showing their best form again. One more time they bring up the champion, chunterer, and p-matt, Speedworx and Daisy finishing in top ten positions. Their users won three rounds, in the second part of the season. Their base to gain the title was the constance and dedication during round participations. :)

CarAndDriverTheF1: Continuing the rhythm of 2010, this year took again the runner-up position. Great support by F1wingwins lured users to keep the form. Carlew was their best scorer and runner-up of the season, and also their users won three rounds.

Los Tuercas: Another year with no Argie racers on GP2, despite races televised on Argentina, made the participation being the same as last year, albeit mantained a core of five regular concursants who retained an honourable third place. Bessone Motorsport was their best, but none of their usars entered in the top ten, and Roberto.R and Sedicivalvole were their round winners. Great thanks for Los Tuercas for all the attention to the Competition done all over the year.

Autosport: The rookies of last year continued their level of interest and support.They had a worthy title contender in the figure of theTardis, round winner and leader at some stages of the championship, but abandoned at the final stages of the season. Then Dispenser89 and Makarias became their best forum scorers. scheivlak and sir jackie walker also won a round. Great thanks for the support given to the Competition from this very respectable forum.

Nextgen-Auto: At the start it was focused in the Spanish branch on the forum, but since Barcelona round, and thanks of the initiative of 13, also entered in the French section, that gave an exponentian amount of users entering in GP2 TWPC. 13 and Azur were our translators into French language, the third one where this Competition is written now. The succesors of F1-Live did a great season, better than expected. vino_93 and lotusien were round winners, Greimito their best score, and they did it brilliant again.

ClubF1: This Spanish forum showed sligthly a better form than last year, with about five regulars during the season. Josef1 was their best, plus he and BT-44 were round winners.

F1Latam: This forum also showed a little increase of interest in comparison from last year. 2010 Champion IVAN was their best scorer, but none of them won any round.

FórmulaStock / Grand Prix: They showed a surveillance form since FórmulaStock forum was demised at the start of the season and a couple of rounds were run on their Facebook page before they found a new home in the Grand Prix Chile community. frederick was their best scorer, but also BeckMax made a round appearance. Respectable considering the turmoils suffered by this community along this season.

Motorsport Forums: After the brief appearance of Nikki Katz, their only scorer, the competition was void due to lack of interest among their users. It was a sad farewell to a forum that had their successful F3000 / GP2 Pickems and that GP2 TWPC intented, frustratedly, replace it as the predictions competition of this community.

In an aftermath, the season showed consistency in the number of players, despite GP2 isn't a novelty and many drivers are almost unkown to the users. Moreover, the rounds sometimes were hardly predictable, specialy the Yas Marina closing round that was almost a lottery. Fortunately, it was TV presence in Latin America, so people of forums of those latitudes could see the races during the year. But after all, we have to show gratitude to many users who trusted and put consistence to participate in this Competition.

About 2012 Ten-Tenths, CarAndDriverTheF1, Los Tuercas, Autosport, Nextgen-Auto and ClubF1 are ensured to continue; the rest will be put in consideration. Alas, we're opened to new forums to join - If you are in a forum where is interest on GP2 Series and want our Prediction Competition running there, give notice to us!

On a last note, prediction form for further GP2 TWPC seasons will be revised, probably it will be amplified to all point positions for the forthcoming season, it means pole, top 10 race 1, top 8 race 2 and fastest laps of both races, or perhaps reduced into a single pole, top 10 and fastest lap valid for each of the two races of a round. The decision will be considered and we're working hard to test them, also the opinion of our users will be necessary in order to decide which format we'll use in the future.

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Posted 19 November 2011 - 00:44


Competition Champions:

Competition Champion: chunterer (TT) with 107 points
Forums Champion: Ten-Tenths.com Forum with 441 points

Best concursant of Ten-Tenths: chunterer with 107 points
Best concursant of CarAndDriverTheF1: Carlew with 106 points
Best concursants of Autosport: Dispenser89 and Makarias with 102 points
Best concursant of F1Latam: IVAN with 102 points
Best concursant of FormulaStock / Grand Prix: frederick with 99 points
Best concursant of ClubF1: Josef1 with 98 points
Best concursant of Los Tuercas: Bessone Motorsport with 96 points
Best concursant of Nextgen-Auto: Greimito with 87 points
Best concursant of Motorsport Forums: Nikki Katz with 19 points

Round Entries:

Championships Round: 38 (TT08, TH07, LT07, AS05, CB05, LA03, NA01, ST01, MF01)
R01 Istanbul Park: 41 (TT09, TH07, LT07, AS05, CB05, NA03, LA03, ST01, MF01)
R02 Barcelona: 48 (NA12, TT07, TH07, LT07, AS05, CB05, LA04, ST01, MF00)
R03 Montecarlo: 46 (NA12, TT07, LT07, TH05, AS05, CB05, LA04, ST01, MF00)
R04 Valencia: 48 (NA11, LT08, TT07, TH07, CB05, LA05, AS04, ST01, MF00)
R05 Silverstone: 46 (NA09, LT08, TT07, TH06, CB05, LA05, AS04, ST02, MF00)
R06 Nürburgring: 42 (NA09, LT08, TT07, TH05, AS04, CB04, LA04, ST01, MF00)
R07 Hungaroring: 43 (NA09, TT07, TH06, LT06, CB05, LA05, AS04, ST01, MF00)
R08 Spa-Francorchamps: 44 (NA10, TT07, TH07, LT05, AS05, CB05, LA04, ST01, MF00)
R09 Monza: 42 (NA10, TH08, TT06, LT05, AS05, CB04, LA03, ST01, MF00)
R10 Yas Marina: 37 (NA07, TH07, TT06, LT05, CB05, AS04, LA02, ST01, MF00)

Round Winners:

R01 Istanbul Park: Josef1 (CB) with 13 points
R02 Barcelona: BT-44 (CB), Carlew (TH), chunterer (TT), Dispenser89 (AS), Roberto.R (LT), sir jackie walker (AS) and vino_93 (NA) with 11 points
R03 Montecarlo: Melendi (TH) and theTardis (AS) with 9 points
R04 Valencia: renaultargentina (TH) with 14 points
R05 Silverstone: lotusien (NA) with 14 points
R06 Nürburgring: p-matt (TT) with 11 points
R07 Hungaroring: Speedworx (TT) with 15 points
R08 Spa-Francorchamps: scheivlak (AS) with 13 points
R09 Monza: WSR Fan (TT) with 12 points
Championships Round: pelagra (TH) with 16 points
R10 Yas Marina: Sedicivalvole (LT) with 11 points

Competition Leaders after each round:

R01 Istanbul Park: Josef1 (CB) with 13 points, Ten-Tenths.com Forum with 45 points
R02 Barcelona: Josef1 (CB) with 23 points, Ten-Tenths.com Forum with 83 points
R03 Montecarlo: Roberto.R (LT) with 29 points, Autosport.com Forum with 109 points
R04 Valencia: theTardis (AS) with 38 points, CarAndDriverTheF1.com Forum with 149 points
R05 Silverstone: theTardis (AS) with 49 points, CarAndDriverTheF1.com Forum with 193 points
R06 Nürburgring: theTardis (AS) with 59 points, CarAndDriverTheF1.com Forum with 229 points
R07 Hungaroring: theTardis (AS) with 69 points, Ten-Tenths.com Forum with 275 points
R08 Spa-Francorchamps: theTardis (AS) with 78 points, Ten-Tenths.com Forum with 312 points
R09 Monza: Carlew (TH), chunterer (TT) and p-matt (TT) with 86 points, Ten-Tenths.com Forum with 356 points
Championships Round: chunterer (TT) with 101 points, Ten-Tenths.com Forum with 414 points
Final Standings: chunterer (TT) with 107 points, Ten-Tenths.com Forum with 441 points

Hall of Fame:

2004 F3000 TWPC Champion: Daisy (TT) with 89 points
2005 GP2 TWPC Champion: DanFlag (TT) with 121 points
2006 GP2 TWPC Champion: knowlesy (TT) with 116 points
2007 GP2 TWPC Champion: Mekola (VT) with 95 points
2008 GP2 Asia TWPC Champion: pericu (TT) with 56 points
2008 GP2 TWPC Champion: SpiritCrusher (GL) with 93 points
2009 GP2 Asia TWPC Champion: OJB (TT) with 68 points
2009 GP2 TWPC Champion: kamikaze666 (CB) with 104 points
2009 F2 TWPC Champion: WSR Fan (TT) with 93 points
2010 GP2 Asia TWPC Champion: kamikaze666 (CB) with 44 points
2010 GP2 TWPC Champion: IVAN (LA) with 99 points
2011 GP2 Asia TWPC Champion: Melendi (TH) with 31 points
2011 GP2 TWPC Champion: chunterer (TT) with 107 points

and now... see the

Orange Prize: Nextgen-Auto
Lemon Prize: Motorsport Forums
Best Forum Presentation: ClubF1
Best Forum Spirit: CarAndDriverTheF1
Best Forum Communications: Nextgen-Auto
Rookie of the Season: Carlew (TH)
Most Friendly/Welcoming Forum: Nextgen-Auto
Best Engineered Forum: Los Tuercas
Best Forum Strategists: Ten-Tenths
Best Forum Support: Nextgen-Auto
Most Improved Driver of the Season: Makarias (AS)
Overtaking Manoeuvre of the Season: chunterer (TT) to Carlew (TH) and p-matt (TT) at Championships Round
Best Prediction Style: pelagra (TH) at Championships Round
Best Forum Marketing: Nextgen-Auto
Special Mentions to: All GP2 people, professionals and fans, who followed this Competition.

And a Special Acknowledgement to all 61 concursants who entered at this Competition through this season. We might see again with the 2012 GP2 Two Worlds Prediction Competition. Be seeing all you!

:brm: Happy Motoring, and GOOD SHOW! :brm:

Note: For identify reasons, is used the following code, that denotes which forum is used by each concursant to participate here:
(AS) Autosport.com Forum
(CB) ClubF1.es Forum
(LA) F1Latam.com Forum
(LT) Los-Tuercas.com.ar Forum
(MF) MotorsportForums.com Forum
(NA) Nextgen-Auto.com Forum
(ST) FormulaStock / Grand Prix Forum
(TH) CarAndDriverTheF1.com Forum
(TT) Ten-Tenths.com Forum