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Did you book via The Ticket Enterprise?

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#1 pinkypants

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Posted 11 August 2012 - 21:40

Hi guys,

I may be jumping the gun here but:


I have tried calling the ticket enterprise, emailing them.. no response, their FB page hasn't been updated. They've stopped selling tickets for any GP. Looks like they may be going bust/have gone bust.

I have now booked official tickets through the Monza circuit website, I bought my Spa tickets via the official spa website. Please can you pass the message on to anyone who has booked through this company and haven't yet received their tickets.

(Thanks to Steve on twitter for providing me with the link)

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#2 judd

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Posted 13 August 2012 - 15:47

I saw this on total F1, I bought my tickets form them.

Seems like it could be a rumour? I sure do hope so...

#3 pinkypants

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Posted 14 August 2012 - 18:25

I saw this on total F1, I bought my tickets form them.

Seems like it could be a rumour? I sure do hope so...

Here is a statement from the spagrandprix.com website:

About The Ticket Enterprise

Spa Grand Prix S.A Company has been informed that some people are in trouble with the delivering of the tickets they decide to order trough The Ticket Enterprise Company for the 2012 Formula One Shell Belgian Grand Prix.

Spa Grand Prix company regrets sincerely the problems encountered by potentials spectators of The Formula One Shell Belgian Grand Prix, but they wish to formulate the following comments:

Spa Grand Prix S.A is absolutely not responsible of these identified deficiencies by The Ticket Enterprise Company; Spa Grand Prix has scrupulously and fully respected their obligations;

Spa Grand Prix advices the customers eventually aggrieved by The Ticket Enterprise Company to fill a complaint against this Company. (To facilitate this procedural formality, you will find an attached complain form to be completed, if necessary);

For marketing reason Spa Grand Prix agrees to organize a new order for the aggrieved customers of The Ticket Enterprise at the same price they have already paid without charging the sending cost. (The proof of payment of The Ticket Enterprise Company will be used as an indicative reference to fix the price as mentioned here above)


#4 rijole1

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Posted 14 August 2012 - 20:22

I booked via them too.
I'm afraid we 6000 are not going to get our tickets.
Called nice lady at Spafrancoschamps today - phonenumber 0032.
She told they haven't got the payment from The Ticket Enterprice och cant send the tickets.
They asked me to fill in the police report on their site.
I've today sent in a police raport to the Belgian police and at my hometown too.
I will try to get the money back from the creditcard company.
And try to buy new tickets.

Here a FB group I foud which follows and informs about our problem


#5 Al.

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Posted 24 August 2012 - 12:19

I booked 2 tickets for Monza 2012 in February via http://italiangp.it/ and it turned out that was with The Ticket Enterprise.
Fortunately they dispatched them about a month ago. I feel lucky

First year I ever went to Spa (1998) I bought Grandstand tickets via Grand Prix Tours (I think) who went bust before the race and with my money and tickets.
We bought Bronze weekend tickets direct from the circuit hotline on the Wednesday before the race for EUR80 each back then and had a cracking weekend and I chased Barclaycard for the missing money afterwards.

If you are able to commit extra funds I would buy again from the circuit, you at least get the to enjoy the weekend and don't stare at the TV wishing you were there.
Then try and recover your money afterwards (if you've booked via credit card that is easier).

#6 Lukin

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Posted 24 August 2012 - 15:51

Seems that Spa has come to the rescue which is great news for those affected


On another note, I have only been able to buy parking for Friday. Do you think I will be able to get weekend parking when I am there?