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Vettel's 4th /Alonso's 3rd title,where will they place this two great drivers

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#1 kenkip

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Posted 25 June 2013 - 05:46

First of all,I should apologise to anyone who thinks I am jinxing these two,its still early days but lets face it,only these two have the machinery and consistency to mount a serious title assault and so far they have made zero mistakes in the season.
So question is,come Interlagos,where will you place this drivers among the all time greats?
For me,as much as it pains me,if Alonso grabs a 3rd world title he will go into my top 5 all time greats.His CV is preety 'GOAT' standard,going up against good team mates,time in inferior machinery,coming close to the title a couple of times,a few controversies to spice things up etc.His reading of races is realy up there with the very greats and that is something I always look forward to every race.In short,there are almost no question marks in his ability after 10+ years in the sport that is quite an achievement considering people like Webber and Button who have spent a similar period in F1 cant hold a candle to him.
Seb is a difficult one,but he would go into my top 5 or top 10 depending on how the season goes.Lets get this straight,no matter how much you hate him,four WDC's is nothing tobe sneezed at,and there is no way he has lucked into it.Yes,ofcourse he has had very good machinery,but more importantly,what has he done with it?28 Wins,38 poles,50 podiums,a bucketful of points.. he has had a decent teammate to compete with and sometimes he hasnt had the best car all year (2012) but still won.Cracking the top 5 will not be as straight forward as Alonso but if you factor in the age then he is well on his way.
I never included Kimi or Lewis,not that I hate them,they are fabulous drivers but I dont think they have imersed themselves in formula one as deeply as Seb or Alonso to be considered greats yet.(In other words,they dont live and breath F1 as the other two and IMO that is a huge factor in becoming a great in the sport)
So what are your thoughts?


#2 Lights

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Posted 25 June 2013 - 05:50

I think this is just what this forum needed.

#3 SophieB

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Posted 25 June 2013 - 06:59

Sorry, but no. This boils down to 'rank the all-time drivers' with a side order of 'Alonso vs Vettel'. From the RC rules:

"Driver v’s driver threads are only welcome for team mates where a reasonable assessment of their respective abilities can be gauged. Other comparison threads which pit driver against driver for no apparent reason are unwelcome."