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Suggestion: Evergreens

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Posted 21 January 2022 - 16:31

I see a lot of threads being closed because they go off topic, and that is generally a good thing. But. Many of the off-topic discussions pop up because the "home topic" is also closed. The poor Discussion has become an orphan!  :cry: 

So, how about a sub-forum with all those things that will never die, like Senna/Prost, Schumi/Villenueve, Abu-Dhabi Safety Car, Silverstone 2021, Brazil 2021, flexi wings. etcetera. Then, when a thread start to go off topic, that branch of the discussion can be moved into it's "Evergreen" thread. Would that not be better than a mod ripping the door open and say "Everybody out!"?   

One existing example of Evergreen seem to be "Track Limit Madness".