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Minimum Ages & Power (Hp) in pyramid from karting to single seaters F1

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William Hunt
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Posted 19 April 2024 - 15:26



Minimum ages for car racing:


+14:  Ginetta Junior, Ford Fiesta Cup, F4 Mexico, F4 Denmark, USF4? {FIA does not sanction competitions that allow under 15 year olds, thus F4 Mexico & Denmark don't get FIA Super Licence Points}


+15:  F4 Italy, F4 Middle East, F4 Spain, F4 France, F4 UK, F4 CEZ, F4 US, GB4, F4 Japan, F4 Brazil, F4 Saudi Arabia, F4 India, USF2000, USF2000 Pro


+16:  FIA F3, Formula Regional, GB3, Eurocup-3, Formula Euro Open, Indy NXT (might be 17), Formula Ford UK


+17:  FIA F2, Super Formula


+18:  FIA F1  (also for free practice, you need 25 Super Licence Points for a Friday free practice session, 40 to race in F1)


PS: I have no idea on the minimum age for national & international Sports Cars and Touring Cars except I know that in the UK it's 14 for Ford Fiesta Cup and Ginetta Juniors


Min. Age Karting WSK & FIA:



- MINI GR3 U10: 8-10     (WSK)    

- MINI GR3:      10-12 *   (WSK)

- ACADEMY:    12-15 *   (FIA

- OK Junior:     12-15 *   (WSK / FIA)

- OK:                +14 *      (WSK / FIA)

- KZ2:               +15 *      (WSK / FIA)

- KZ:                 +15 *      (FIA) 


* Remark: you can start in a class if you become the minimum age later during that competition that year. In car racing / single seaters you always have to be the exact age when making your debut in a specific class!


* Tyres: Hard in Mini & Junior Classes, Medium in OK (Senior) and KZ2, Soft in KZ


* MINI: 60cc, all other classes 125cc. Open chassis & engine classes except FIA Academy which has spec EXPRIT chassis and spec IAME OK Jr. 125cc engines.


IAME Series Min. Age:


ROOKIE Mini:      8-10  (this class exists in only national competitions)

MINI X30:           9-12 *

JUNIOR X30:     12-15 *
SENIOR X30:        +14 *

SHIFTER X30       +30  (only national comp. + USA & IAME Warrior Finals, which is de facto the IAME World Champ.)   

MASTER X30       +30  (only national comp. + USA & IAME Warior Finals)


* All spec IAME Parilla X30 engines: Mini 60cc, all the rest 125cc




Micro MAX:      8-11

Mini MAX:       10-13

Junior MAX:    12-15

Senior MAX:     +14

E20 Junior:    12-16

E20 Senior:      +14

DD2:                +15 

DD2 Masters:   +32

Rotax Masters: +32   (only nat. comp. incl. USA)


* All spec Rotax engines, Micro & Mini 60c, all the rest 125cc, E20 = electric


ROK CUP International & National min ages:


MINI ROK:                       9-13

JUNIOR ROK                 11-15

SENIOR ROK                  +14

SHIFTER ROK                +15

EXPERT ROK                 +31



* All Vortex ROK engines, Mini 60cc, other classes 125cc


The Minimum ages for karting classes in the UK:


BAMBINO:    6-8

CADET:        8-12 *  (with Honda engines)

MINI:           11-14    (until 2022, class abolished from 2023)

INTER:       10-14 *  (replaces MINI in the UK starting from 2023)

JUNIOR:     13-16 *

SENIOR:    +15 *


* Cadet, Inter, Junior & Senior is allowed if the minium age is reached that year during the duration of that competition! That was not the case for Mini in the UK and has never been allowed in Bambino.


Min. Age Karting FFSA France:


MINIKART                6-11

MINIME:                   7-12

MINI 60:                   8-12

CADET:                  10-14

NATIONALE:          12-17

OK JUNIOR:           12-15

SENIOR:                 +14

FEMININ:                 +14   (Women only class!)

KZ2:                        +15

KZ2 MASTER          +31



Min. Age Karting USA:


MICRO SWIFT:         7-10

MINI SWIFT:              9-13

KA100 JUNIOR:       12-15

S5 JUNIOR HONDA: 12-15  (only in local competitions)

X30 JUNIOR:            12-15

KA100 SENIOR:       +15

X30 PRO                  +15


KA100 MASTER       +30

X30 MASTER:          +30  (only local competitions)

OPEN SHIFTER:      +15  (only local competitions)


Tyres: medium in Micro, Mini & Junior classes. Medium in Pro classes.


Micro & Mini: IAME Swift 60cc engine

X30 classe: 125 cc IAME engine

KA100:  KA 100cc IAME engine


* Locally they might also use LO2 Briggs engines, that is a 4-stroke category with 100cc!



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William Hunt
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Posted 19 April 2024 - 16:23





ROK KID:                       4.5Hp  (50cc)  (not used in competition, for 5-8 year)

EASYKART ACADEMY  6Hp     (62cc)

MICRO MAX                   9.5Hp  (50cc)


MINI SWIFT       10Hp    (60cc)

EASYKART 60    8Hp    (60cc)

BRIGS 206 MINI  8.5Hp  (204cc 4 stroke)

T4 Cadet            8Hp     (105cc 1 stroke)

X30 MINI            10Hp    (60cc)

ROK MINI           10Hp   (60cc)

MINI MAX           13Hp   (125cc)

MINI 60              11Hp    (60cc)

MINI GR-3:        Over 13Hp   (60cc)


Easykart 100 Jr. 15Hp   (100cc)

T4 Junior             ?        (250cc 4 stroke)

Briggs 206 WFE 11.5Hp 

X30 JUNIOR:      21Hp   (125cc)

JUNIOR MAX:    23Hp   (125cc)

OK-N JUNIOR:   27Hp   (125cc)

OK JUNIOR:      over 30 Hp


EasyKart 125 Sr   15Hp     (125cc)

T4 Senior                ?        (250cc 4 stroke)

KA100 SENIOR     21Hp    (100cc)    (100cc engines are still used in the USA)

SENIOR MAX        30Hp    (125cc)

X30 SENIOR:        35Hp   (125cc)

ROK SENIOR       36Hp   (125cc)

OK SENIOR:     Over 37Hp  (125cc)

X30 CODASUR  45Hp  (125cc)  (for Senior Class in Brazi)


X30 S. SHIFTER 49Hp  (125cc)

MAX DD2            34Hp  (125cc)


KZ2 & KZ:          over 52 Hp  (125cc) (some say up to 59Hp)




* MINI GR3, OK Junior & OK (Senior + KZ2 & KZ are open engine classes ,manfucturers don't communicate the maximum Hp since the tuners can get more Hp out of it, the engines are also different from spec engines and some tuners may get 1 or 2 more Hp out of it as another one. MINI 60 is also an open engine class.




* ROK is an engine brand of Italian manufacturer Vortex. Vortex is part of the OTK Group (Original Tony Kart Group). They have a spec competition called ROK Cup.


* X30 is an engine brand of Italian manufacturer IAME  (that company used to be called Parilla but aftet the fusion with Parilla it became just IAME although the X30 engines are sometimes still refered to as Parilla engines). They have a spec competition calles IAME Series. IAME is in the same group as Kart Republic


* ROTAX MAX and DD2 engines are brands from the Austrian Manfuacturer Rotax


* BMB is an engine brand of kart chassis manufacturer Birel ART from Italy (fusion between the French ART GP and the Italian Birel, but the karting head office is in Italy). They have a spec competition, mainly in Italy & France, with BMB engines and Birel ART chassis (so that one is both spec chassis & engines) called Easykart Series


* Irish carburetor & engine manufacturer Tillotson produces the engines under their T4 brand (4 stroke engines), it's more aimed at serious amateurs. Their series is called the T4 Series


* Briggs & Stratton is an American manufacturer of kart (and lawn mower) engines, they have their own spec engine series that is very popular in local championships in Canada and the USA. Their most common engine brand is the 206. Like Tillotson they aim more at the serious amateur.


* There are also indoor competitions but they are not proffessional, they mostly use Honda engines with Sodi Kart chassis around the world. They usually have around 7Hp at most and their wheels are covered with rubber.




USF4 Juniors:            160Hp  (Ligier chassis + Honda 2000cc engine)

GB4                             160Hp   (Abarth 1.4)

USF2000:                     175Hp  (2000cc Mazda)

F4:                               175Hp   (Either Abarth 1.4 or Renault, Geely or Toyota 2.0 engine, all 4 in line)

GB3:                            250Hp   (previous car had 230Hp)

USF Pro 2000              275Hp  (2000cc Mazda)

Eurocup-3:                  270Hp  (boost?)

Formula Regional      270Hp and 300Hp with the boost button 

Euroformula Open     350Hp    (VW Spiess or Mercedes engine, in Super Formula Lights same car but VW Spiess, Tomei or TOM's Toyota V6)

FIA F3                          380Hp    (3400cc, Mechacrome V6, naturally aspirated)

Indy NXT                       450Hp and 500Hp with the boost button  (Mazda 2000cc engine) 

Super Formula           545Hp and 505Hp with the boost button   (2000cc Honda or Toyota 4 in line)

FIA F2                         630Hp    (3400cc, Mechacrom V6 Turbo)

IndyCar:                      750Hp and 810Hp with boost button (Chevrolet or Honda engine, 2200cc, V6 turbo)

Formula One          +-1000Hp    (1600cc V6 Turbo)




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Posted 20 April 2024 - 13:20

Question: Are the power figures measured at the press kit? Or at the website?

#4 William Hunt

William Hunt
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Posted 21 April 2024 - 19:24

Question: Are the power figures measured at the press kit? Or at the website?


They are on the websites of those championships, in the case of karting on the websites of the engine manufacturers

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Posted 21 April 2024 - 19:58

I drove a KZ last week. Absolutely nuts machine. Incredible performance. Would have liked longer in it but as a 40yr old 10 years out of regular karting, i brusied my ribs up quite quickly. 

I can't believe i'd ever get to a level in it that i had spare capacity to do stuff like... racecraft. 


Edited by Peat, 21 April 2024 - 20:35.

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William Hunt
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Posted 25 April 2024 - 02:31

Wow Peat, that is one hell of an experience. KZ is the Formula One of karting.