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8 Unusual Guesses - Statistics

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#1 Prostfan

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Posted 14 October 2002 - 21:26

If you are interested, here are a few statistics about 8ug this year:

Correct answers:
Question 1 (11th on the grid): Massa 4x, Frentzen 3x, de la Rosa 2x, Panis 2x, Trulli 2x, Button 1x, Fisichella 1x, Räikkönen 1x, Villeneuve 1x

Question 2 (greatest difference on grid position): Jordan 7x, BAR 4x, Toyota 4x, Jaguar 2x, Arrows 1x, Ferrari 1x, McLaren 1x, Renault 1x (every team except for Williams, Sauber and Minardi is there!)

Question 3 (first retirement due to technical reasons): Villeneuve 4x, de la Rosa 3x, McNish 2x, Coulthad 1x, Fisichella 1x, Irvine 1x, Räikkönen 1x, Sato 1x, R.Schumacher 1x, Trulli 1x, Webber 1x

Question 4 (first team with both drivers retired): BAR 3x, Jordan 2x, Minardi 2x, no one 2x, Sauber 2x, Arrows 1x, Jaguar 1x, McLaren 1x, Renault 1x, Toyota 1x, Williams 1x (every team except for Ferrari is there!)

Question 5 (Leading change except ordinary pitstops): never 8x, once 6x, twice 2x, 3 times 1x

Question 6 (7th in race): Heidfeld 3x, Fisichella 2x, Massa 2x, Villeneuve 2x, Barrichello 1x, Button 1x, Coulthard 1x, Irvine 1x, McNish 1x, Sato 1x, R. Schumacher 1x, Yoong 1x

Question 7 (drivers in same lap as winner): Five 5x, Three 3x, Four 2x, Six 2x, Seven 2x, Eight 1x, Nine 1x, Ten 1x

Question 8 (winning margin): 0-10 12x, 10-20 3x, 30-40 2x

Best performance in one race:
6 points: Chrissy Boy in USA

5 points:
Viss1 in Brazil
Estwald in Spain
sek in Monaco
IMHO in Canada
garth_b in Europe
LB in Europe
Ric Bol in USA
TT6 in USA

Most "victories":
sek 3 (Malaysia, Monaco, Japan)
Chrissy Boy 2 (Italy, USA)
dynamite7 2 (Hungary, Italy)

Your best performances:
USA (6 points necessary to win)

Your worst performances:
Malaysia and Italy (2 points necessary to win)


#2 garth_b

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Posted 14 October 2002 - 22:03

9th overall and a mention in best performances! :smoking: Although consistency seems to have won the day. :|

#3 Bjorn

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Posted 14 October 2002 - 22:20

No mention of me :

#4 Viss1

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Posted 15 October 2002 - 11:53

Ahh, Brazil... seems so long ago :|

Thanks again, Prsotfan :up:

#5 Ric Bol

Ric Bol
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Posted 16 October 2002 - 14:14

Excelent, one 5 points!!!! :up: